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Jewish Long Beach's Women's Philanthropy is inspired and guided by our tradition of tzedekah (righteousness/charity) and tikkun olam (repairing the world). We seek to provide significant opportunities for all women to affirm their Jewish identity and spirituality, to be proactive in evolving issues of concern to women, to engage new leaders in our communities and to inspire other Jewish women by our examples.

  • Lions of Judah

    The Lions of Judah are the most dynamic philanthropic Jewish women in the Long Beach & West Orange County area. We are strong women of all ages, an international sisterhood of thousands of global activists who care deeply about the Jewish future. Each woman makes an annual commitment of $5,000 to the Jewish Long Beach Annual Community Campaign.

  • Pomegranate Society

    Pomegranate Society members nurture, sustain, and plant the seeds for the next generation of Jewish leaders. Pomegranates are critical to the future of our Jewish community. Women who give a minimum of $1,800 to the Annual Community Campaign are recognized for their generous support of our local Jewish community.

The fastest growing segment of donors within our Federation, we gather Jewish women in the Long Beach & West Orange County area in a multitude of ways.



We make a difference here locally, in Israel, and in the communities around the world. When we connect, we are even stronger as a community of Jewish women. That makes our philanthropy not just powerful, but empowering.

We invite you to join us in an environment where every Jewish woman can enrich and strengthen her identity as a woman and a Jew and help make a difference. Be a part of the movement of local Jewish women who are leading by example.



Contact Women's Philanthropy and get involved today! For more information, contact Susan Paletz at (562) 426-7601 ext. 1012.

2020 Women's Philanthropy Cabinet


Linda Waltzman


Michael Abraham

Carol Adams

Elaine Dovgard

Joyce Feldman

Arlene Freeman

Lauren Friedman

Alicia Friedmann

Nancy Friedmann

Sandra Horwitz

Claire Hoxie

Sharon Kenigsberg

Leslie Kern

Monique Lawee

Luz Lerman

Dena Lerner

Gail Levy

Deborah Lewis

Nancy Linden

Joanne Lopez

Wendy Manasse Wiese

Shari Nemirow

Mercedes Neves-Hatchwell

Wendy Puzarne

Janet Rydell

Sara Schmidt

Sherri Selmanson

Barbara Shoag

Cookie Sieger

Myrna Simon

Marla Smalewitz

Sheryl Stewart

Rachel Suojanen

Phyllis Sussman

Rachel Tichauer

Danielle Van Divort

Pam Weinstein




Past Women's Philanthropy Activities