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Our Rabbis taught: “there are three crowns that can be bestowed on a person: the crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood, and the crown of monarchy. But, the crown of a good name is superior to them all.”

In recognition of this teaching from PIrkei Avot, Men’s Philanthropy adds a fourth crown: the crown of צדקה (tzedakah) financial generosity. The מגן ​דוד  Magen David pin brings together three symbols important to Judaism: a lion’s head (representing the Tribe of Judah), six-pointed Jewish star (hexagram), and a crown (representing the fourth crown added to the teaching of our Rabbis). 

The מגן דוד Magen David pin is an opportunity to acknowledge the generosity and support of the men who choose to give to better the future.

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We offer you the Men's Philanthropy Shield of David Pin program.  Beginning is easy for your local Federation or Federation Network!  Start with the Licensing Contract, then fill out the Order Form, and lastly download any or all of the Marketing Pieces that you can customize as you need.  Or Contact us for details.